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Barcelona is one of Spain’s best loved travel destinations and a bustling city on the country’s north eastern coastline. Capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia, Barcelona is a sprawling city which has been a European cultural hub for centuries. The city is often associated with its great food, artistic architecture, bustling nightlife and golden beaches. Here, we take you through some of the best beaches in Barcelona so you’re prepped and ready to feel the sand between your toes in the city’s top spots.

Barcelona, Spain: Beaches, Sun & Sea

Perhaps the most popular and centrally located beach is Barceloneta. Bustling with throngs of locals and visitors, and men selling everything from mojitos to knock-off ray bans and shawls, Barceloneta oozes a vibe of energy and anticipation. The beach is entirely manmade (its sand was shipped all the way from Egypt!) but has become an iconic Barcelona landmark.
For a more cosmopolitan spot where open-mindedness is the order of the day, Mar Bella beach is difficult to beat. It’s popular with the LGBT community and even has a small nudist area (it’s quite clearly marked so you won’t accidentally get an eye full without looking for it). There is even a skate park and various water sports activities going on so Mar Bella is definitely a lively beach to enjoy.
For those who fancy a game of volleyball or would like to just watch a couple of rounds from afar whilst enjoying a cocktail or glass of local wine at a beach bar, Bogatell Beach is the place to be. The idyllic golden white sands are one of the best places to watch the sun set over the city, as day turns to night, and prepare for an evening of dancing in one of the city’s top bars. With a couple of well-loved seafood restaurants, and a surprisingly serene atmosphere this close to the centre, Bogatell is a place to really recharge.
One of the most popular spots with locals during the balmy summer evenings is Somorrostro Beach. Frank Gehry’s El Peix (Golden Fish) sculpture is one of the beach’s highlights and a wonderful Barcelona icon to tick off the list!

Where is the best beach in Barcelona City?

Each of Barcelona’s many beaches have their plus points – but where is the best beach in Barcelona city? In all honesty, it’s difficult to say. But there’s so many to choose from, there’s bound to be the perfect beach for you and your fellow travellers. Got a favourite? Why not let us know!

Dream Days Out: Beaches Close to Barcelona

If you’d like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and explore a bit more of the region, there are a couple of great beaches a short ride out from Barcelona.
Castelldefels Beach is a short distance by train outside the city (around 20km). A blissful long stretch of sand in front of beautiful dunes, this beach is popular with everyone from wind surfers to those seeking tranquility near the city. 
Another favourite, Ocata Beach, is located at the nearby seaside town of El Masnou. Although some people are put off by the 30 minute journey, when there are so many beaches a stone’s throw from Barcelona, this makes a perfect day out and, with plenty of great beach bars that are extremely popular with locals and visitors alike, this beach is well worth a visit. More peaceful and much bigger than Barcelona’s urban beaches, the steeply descending sea floor makes it ideal for those who like a bit of open water swimming but do be aware of the steep drop.

Barcelona – a city break and beach holiday rolled up in one

Whichever of the best beaches in Barcelona you choose to visit, Barcelona is the perfect option for those who want to combine some time chilling on the beach with exploring the culture of a bustling city. Barcelona is a truly unique place to visit and is widely considered one of Europe’s best loved travel destinations for good reason