London Nightlife

For the wildest London night life imaginable, look no further…

London has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best cities in the world to enjoy a great night out! This wild city with its world-class nightlife, notorious clubs and infamous festivals really is the high class partying capital in Europe. If you’re looking for a party to remember, look no further… We Are London is here to provide the perfect London night life experience!

Rooftop Bars Night

Entrance | Drinks | Private guide

Party Boat

3 floors party boat cruise on the Thames river

Pub Crawl

Skip The Line | Guaranteed Entrance

Enjoy a range of unique London night life activities!

From a down and dirty weekend of boozing, to a more high-end and sophisticated night out spent drinking cocktails in the city’s smartest rooftop bars and VIP clubs, we promise to ensure that you \ your group has the wildest London nights imaginable! The great thing about this city is that it really does have something for every group.

With a huge range of great activities and the best guides in the city, We Are London is able to organise the perfect experience for your group. We remain as flexible to your needs as possible and pride ourselves on our ability to organise the parties in London!