London Graffiti Tour

Shoreditch was once known as a rough and dangers neighbourhood. These days Shoreditch became once of the most touristed parts of London thanks to its graffiti artists who paint the streets with some amazing and unique art. Join one of our local experts tour guides to a walk around the hidden streets and alleys of Shoreditch to discover the most amazing street art, discover the stories behind the most known regular artist who live and work in Shoreditch and discover what makes their art special. The London Graffiti Tour is a must for art enthusiast and all tourists. You will also get a chance to leave a mark of yourself on the walls of Shoreditch by tagging the walls with your own art.

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The London Graffiti Tour

We will start our tour outside one of the local pubs right next to Liverpool Street Station, from there we will start discovering together the ever changing art on the walls of Shoreditch in its hidden streets, alleys and parks where the most famous local artists express their art in the most colourful way.
Walking alone these streets could be somewhat boring but thanks to our guides you will find out all the stories behind the different artists, different types of graffiti and the way the artists work.
During the tour we will pass by one of the most famous chocolate shop “Dark Sugars” where you will get to taste hot chocolate made from english produced coco.
We will also pay a visit to the local Broccoli artist who invented one of the main streets known nickname “Broccoli Lane”.
The guide will also give you a special opportunity to do some graffiti yourself and learn how to do some street art and leave your own mark on the streets of Shoreditch. 

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