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The Thames river crosses London from east to west where on its banks lay the majority of the important sightseeing points like the London Bridge, London tower, Big Ben, London eye, and much more. Dont miss out and take some time to explore these points with a fast, exhilarating and unforgettable rib cruise OR have a wild party for hours on a three level boat while crusing past these locations.

Thames rib cruise

Experience the fastest sightseeing tour with lots of excitement

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Party Boat

The best party on the Thames

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Looking for a special and different way to explore London?

Whether you are a family, groups of friends or a couple visiting London, you can not miss out on a special way to explore the most important points of London like Westminster, Big Ben, the London eye, the famous London bridge, and London tower from the Thames river while cruising on a fast rib cruise that will make you raise your hands up in the air from excitement or whether its while partying on a three level party boat, dancing and looking at these amazing sights.